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Jackson's First Ever Professional Soccer Team to Compete in a One-Million-Dollar Tournament

JACKSON, Tenn.- For the first time ever, Jackson is officially getting its own professional soccer team.

“We just kind of came together, and we thought about where would be a great location, Jackson has… I think we have maybe ten soccer fields here in Jackson, so it’s big enough to host practices and exhibition games for our club.”

President Cesar Quispe of Jackson’s new professional soccer team, Jackson TN Boom, is excited to announce the team will be playing in a million-dollar tournament this summer.

The team has already signed two professional international players, Reimond Manco and Kerlon Souza.

It will also have professional players representing Union University, and the University of Memphis.

“It’s a very difficult tournament, very complicated. It’s for a million dollars, but we really feel that Jackson, Tennessee can put together a strong team to compete and represent the city of Jackson.”

Sports league, The Basketball Tournament, is kicking off the new winner-takes-all tournament for soccer.

Jackson TN Boom is expected to begin intensive training in May, to compete June first to the fourth in Cary, North Carolina.

Thirty-two teams from different countries will be competing for the one-million-dollar prize.

“And you’ve got teams from all over the world that are coming to compete for a million-dollar prize. So, we’re guaranteed three games, and after that it’s said and done so every game that you move on, if you lose the tournament is done for you.”

For updates from Jackson TN Boom, or to support the team, you can follow them on social media at Jackson TN Boom.

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