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Jackson Roots for Its Very Own Kansas City Chiefs Guard Trey Smith

JACKSON, Tenn. - Kansas City Chiefs Trey Smith is a native of Humboldt and an alumnus of University School of Jackson.

“He’s been through a lot in his life. Nothing was handed to him, I know a lot of people think it was. I know him personally, I know him deeply personally, nothing was handed to him. That kid worked for everything he has.”

Mickey Marley was Trey Smith’s head football coach at USJ.

He’s watched Trey grow up, and as much as he believes Smith is a great player, he thinks he is an even better person.

“I have three grandsons, or we have three grandsons, Lisa and I, my wife… they’re 16, 14, and 10, and if those boys grow up to be… not the athlete, but the person Trey Smith is, man I’ll be a happy grandad, I’ll tell you that.”

Mickey Marley is not the only person who praises Smith for the person he’s become, his former USJ music teacher Elizabeth Atkins is rooting for him as well.

“Trey is the kind of person who was very dedicated, he was resilient, he was a wonderful football player here, also at the University of Tennessee where he played in college.”

Atkins calls smith an inspiration and role model for USJ students.

“It goes without saying he worked hard, and he was very dedicated. I think it inspires our younger students, and even our high school students who are on the football team to want to work harder and know that a student here at USJ has made it to the NFL and is going to be playing in the Super Bowl.”

You can bet the city of Humboldt and the University School of Jackson will be cheering for Smith all the way from home.

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