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Jackson Rockabilly's name former MLB player Matt Franco inaugural field manager


“I'm really excited about it. I can't wait to get on the field and get to meet these guys and be part of the community for the summer," said Matt Franco the new field manager for the Jackson Rockabilly's.

Franco played eight seasons in the major leagues. He spent time with the Cubs, Mets, and Braves and in the Japanese league.

Franco has been retired for over 15 years, but he’s ready to tackle his first coaching job.

“This is my first, first time, so it should be fun," Franco said. "I can't wait to meet the guys and help teach them," He continued.

The Prospect League team will be composed of 32 college students from all over the country.

The players will be announced in the coming weeks, but Franco is already thinking about how to bond the team together, “We're going to have one workout before the season starts. So, you know, the first week is going to be shuffling the batting order around and trying to figure out who the starting pitchers are and stuff like that. But, you know, baseball has a way of working out pretty quick that that shouldn't be too hard.”

Franco hopes that his experience with professional baseball will help guide the players in their careers, “I'm just hoping I can help, but I do hope that they have questions and want to and want to know about it because I'd like to I'd like to share those experiences," he said.

Franco says he is proud to be a Jackson Rockabilly and wants to instill that same sentiment in his players, “You always take pride in the uniform you're wearing and you know, you're playing for a team, but you're also playing for a town. So you got to, you know, you got to play hard, you got to play, right? You definitely have to have a job to do and you got it. You got to represent your organization with pride," Franco said.

And Franco hopes that West Tennesseeans will be proud to “root for the home team.”

“I think winning is important and that kind of seems to breed success and fans, so that'll be important. But also, you know, being out in the community and signing autographs for the kids and giving your time and all that goes in play. But most importantly, playing the game hard and right.”

The rockabilly will take the field for the first time on the road on May 31st; then, they will step up to the plate in Jackson on June 2nd. You can see the full schedule here.

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