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Jackson residents prepare for winter weather



Ace Hardware was busy today; people were searching for the things they needed to prepare for the storm that's brewing.

“I am just getting prepared, just in case," said Molly Jawers.

Molly Jawers got a bag of salt to make sure that her driveway is free of ice, “I live by myself, so I want to make sure that I have. I can get out if I need to get out.”

People were going to the store in droves today to pick up salt, deicer, and even sleds, “I’m going to let my children do our sledding. If we have the snow.” Nicolette Jude said.

While some are worried, Nicolette Jude is hoping for lots of snow, “Hopefully, we'll get to go out and spend some time together in the snow as a family.”

Nicolette is worried about others who have to hit the roads no matter how bad the weather gets, “We're not really worried about the ice, but i am really worried about everybody else driving in the ice.”

The street department in Jackson is watching the weather and is ready to go when they are needed.

If the roads do get bad, people in town hope that they will be cleared quickly.

“I’d like for it to not get so bad that I couldn't get out within a day or two," Jawers said.

Whatever weather comes our way, the people who 39 News talked with today plan to be well-prepared.

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