Jackson Residents plan for another COVID Thanksgiving

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)-

Grocery stores are packed today as people prepare for Thanksgiving dinner. Many are super excited to be around family again after a year of COVID. Jackson residents like Whitney Blankenship and Janet Brown have big plans for Thanksgiving. Whitney Blankenship stated, “lots of family time hopefully. COVID has been kind of a weird thing for us the past two years and so we’re just excited to spend some time together this year. Janet Brown told 39 News, “My Thanksgiving plans is just staying at home with the family and spending time with the family and kids and the grandson.”

After two years of zoom Thanksgiving gatherings for many, being able to spend the holiday in person is something many hub city residents are thrilled about. Janet Brown emphasized, “being able to enjoy everything and have everyone come out to enjoy thanksgiving feels good.”

Though residents are excited to be around family again, they are still taking safety precautions to keep their loved ones safe. Lekecia Wilson stated, “well most of us have had our shots. Me and my mother both had our booster this week. My sister, my brother, most of us have had the shot. So, we feel pretty good getting together.” Whitney Blankenship explained, “obviously not as much close contact as normal. Not as much hugging. Most all of us are vaccinated and have been doing our part to stay safe. Obviously if someone is not feeling well we are not going. Otherwise just trying to hand wash and stay safe.” And Janet Brown informed us for her, “it’s just going to be a small amount so and some of us have had the vaccine we’re good and ready to go.”

Madison county residents wanted to leave 39 viewers with one last message. Whitney Blankenship and Janet Brown both stated, “I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving.” “I just hope everybody has a good Thanksgiving holiday.”

Makayla Davis


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