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Jackson Recreation and Parks department is hosting summer camps


After canceling last year, the Jackson Recreations and Parks Department is hosting summer camps again.

The summer camps began on June 1st and continue through July 23rd. Children ages 6 to 12 yrs old are a part of the camps. One camp is being held at the T.R White sportsplex and another at the Westwood community center.

Markayla Cheshier grew up going to the summer camp and now she is serving as a counselor for her third summer. She believes that this job is preparing her for her future,

“I’m actually in school right now and I want to be a kindergarten teacher. And I love working with kids, so I feel like this is a great place to start and to get some practice with kids. And I like it.”

In a normal year, the summer camp would include field trips throughout the summer, but this year as a safety protocol staff are trying to find new activities to do at the sites during the camps.

“We are still having fun, we are still finding ways to engage the kids without leaving the building,” says Christi David the community Community engagement director for the recreation and parks department for the city of Jackson.

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