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Jackson Police Department Shares Halloween Safety Tips as the Holiday Approaches

JACKSON, Tn.- Next Tuesday the streets will be filled with ghouls, goblins, princesses, and every mythical creature you can think of – all in search of some delicious treats.

As the busy night approaches, the Jackson Police Department shares some Halloween safety tips for this year's trick or treaters.

“Stay in groups of more than two. You know, costumes should fit well and be flame resistant because, you know, a lot of houses have their pumpkins and the candles inside the pumpkins can contain fire. So, costumes should fit. So, they're not flowing, and the kids are tripping over them, explained Sgt. Karrie Hart, Jackson Police Dept.

On Halloween, hundreds of people will be traveling around the city. Be cautious while driving and crossing busy streets.

“Be with your kids and make sure they're looking both ways before they cross the street. Teach them to make eye contact with the drivers before they cross in front of them to make sure the driver sees them. And you know, they don't miss them. And drivers may want to start turning your lights on a little bit earlier in the day, around 5-6 PM”

Check your treats. Parents are encouraged to look over their children's candy thoroughly before allowing them to consume it. Look for signs of tampering like cuts or holes.

“Don't let your kid touch any of the candy before you get home to check it, but if they do, you take the candy before they put a piece in their mouth. Don't let them eat anything without you checking it first.”

Tricking or treating will begin as early as 5PM in Jackson. For more Halloween safety information, you can visit

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