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Jackson Police department delivers new microscopes to Community Montessori School via helicopter


The Jackson Police Department delivered a special package to the community Montessori school today.

“The Jackson Police Department donated a microscope to our program for the students to be able to use a $7,000 microscope. And then also another microscope, a smaller one,” said Lindsey Barnes GEMS teacher (Gifted Education Madison County Schools Teacher).

Barnes was thrilled to see the new microscopes delivered by helicopter and Barnes is looking forward to the possibilities the new equipment will bring to the Gifted Students Program at community Montessori School.

Barnes said, "We are so excited because we've been learning about the human body and functions and also organisms. Outside and so we are so excited to be able to explore that a little deeper…because it's such a high-powered machine is going to be able to see a lot closer and to see much more in depth than a normal school microscope”

The 7000-dollar microscope donated by the police department is something Barnes says is much better than anything the school system could afford.

Terry Hopper of the Jackson Police Department is the pilot who brought the microscopes to the school, he said,

“I love landing for these kids and letting the kids see the helicopter and stuff.”

Hopper was involved in getting the microscopes for the school system

We got to get do a government program where we get parts and stuff and they're free and just get shipped to us and we keep them for a year. Then you can do what you want to with items… her programs like an advanced gifted children's program, so I figured that would just be wonderful to help them out to learn," Hopper said.

Barnes and her students at Community Montessori school are grateful for the police department's generous donation. They say they just can't wait to put the new microscopes to use in their gifted education class.

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