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Jackson Police Department Appoints Rick Butler as Official Litter Officer

JACKSON,Tn.-After multiple complaints about excessive litter and illegal dumping, the Jackson Police Department has come up with a solution to Keep Jackson Clean.

“I get a lot of calls. a lot of them have to do with quality-of-life type issues. and among those, several of them have to do with littering and illegal dumping here in our city and the way that looks,” said Thom Corley Jackson, chief of police.

JPD has partnered with the codes department, health and sanitation, and Keep Jackson Beautiful to address littering, illegal dumping, and health and sanitation codes.

“Those types of departments will be focusing on property owners and blight and trash issues on lots. and they will work with them to educate them on those issues and if need be, pursue things in environmental court where sanctions and fines could be in play,” said Thom Corley Jackson Chief of Police

One woman shared her personal experience with people littering in Jackson.

“I was driving on. Was it the bypass? I think I was going home, and somebody literally rolled down their window and threw like a Mcdonald's cup right on the windshield,” said Baylee Foppiano.

The Jackson police department appointed officer Rick Butler as the new litter officer in Jackson. he will deal with complaints about litter and illegal dumping directly. If you would like to know more about the litter policies, you can visit The police department has also set up a specific email address to contact them about excessive litter or illegal dumping. You can email them directly at

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