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Jackson Parks Celebrates Honorary African Americans in the Jackson- Madison County Community

JACKSON, Tn.-Today, Jackson Recreation and Parks honored the Black American citizens in Jackson-Madison County, who helped shape the community.

“The focus of this is to recognize and highlight and educate people on the pillars in the African American community. We started with those who initially built up the city of Jackson and then the living stones recognize the more recent contributions from the African American community,” said Christie David parks recreation manager.

Union University professor Lee Benson explains what the living stones structures represent.

“The Stones stands for an individual who has made a significant contribution to the success of Jackson-Madison County. and each member is an African American. and the reason we do this is because a lot of the really great things that have been accomplished in Jackson and county have never been celebrated,” says Lee Benson union university professor.

One of the stones represented 102-year-old Mary Cunningham. 39 News was able to speak to her son who was proud to witness her impact and honor.

“She was really a trailblazer. She's been an inspiration to me and a lot of other people,” said James Cunningham.

Cunningham shared some of the things his mother accomplished.

“She's done a lot of firsts. She was the first to help with the state health department. Then she was another first. She was the first secretary of Lincoln school, and she started TLOD. She was one of the founders, she was doing a lot of things.”

The stone structures are located at 800 E Chester St. in Jackson. Each year, for the next four years, Union University will cover a portion of the cost for one stone. Each stone sculpture will celebrate 5 new individuals who have made a contribution to Jackson-Madison County.

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