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Jackson Nephrologist Spreads Kidney Health Awareness for National Kidney Month

JACKSON, Tenn. - Dr. Shree Mulay reports one in seven Americans suffer from chronic kidney disease.

This means around 37 million Americans are suffering from chronic kidney disease today.

“The worst outcome of chronic kidney disease is when your kidneys fail completely you would have to do something called dialysis or get a transplant… and we have over half a million Americans that needed dialysis or had to get a kidney transplant.”

Dr. Mulay reports kidneys serve our bodies to cleanse our blood of toxins and transforms the waste into urine.

In the situation of kidney disease, Dr. Mulay reports there are a few ways to treat it: getting a kidney transplant or undergoing a dialysis: the process of a machine removing blood from your body, filtering it through a dialyzer, and returning the clean blood to your body.

“The job of the kidneys is to clean your blood, when they don’t work two things happen: chemicals and toxins build up because they can’t get through the filter, they can’t get through, so they build up in your blood. the second thing that can happen is things that shouldn’t get through and then the kidneys get leaky.”

Dr. Mulay reports chronic kidney disease is preventable.

Taking simple steps such as drinking plenty of water, avoiding smoking, and limiting alcohol intake can help prevent kidney disease.

To learn how the kidney experts can help you with your kidney wellness, you can visit, or call 731-300-6155.

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