Jackson Native Headed to the Grammy's

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)-

Today we sat down with Jackson native Ashley Brooks-Wise and her family to talk about their journey from YouTube sensation to 2022 Grammy nominees. The musically inclined Wise family started their journey on YouTube about 7 years ago inspiring the youth through fun educational videos. Ashley Brooks-Wise (Grammy Nominee) stated, “well, the channel got started simply as, I was teaching and in the afternoon my husband would take over taking care of the kids. And so, as I was with my students my he would take the kids and it was a really organic opportunity.”

Together Ashley and Ceylon Wise wrote and produced content that has reached thousands of families. Ceylon Wise (Grammy Nominee) informed us, “as we began doing that on the wise channel, we started writing songs and doing videos that were being shown in classrooms and in homes all around. From that we got connected with this group called on tribe collective.”

1 Tribe Collective is a collaboration of 26 musically inclined families throughout the country. Their goal is use music to push diversity and inclusion in the family and children’s music industry. Ceylon Wise (Grammy Nominee) explained, “this project kinda came as a response to that, and it’s our effort in trying to bring a greater sense of representation.”

There’s an old saying “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” And the Wise family attributes their nomination to working together. Ashley Brooks-Wise (Grammy Nominee) told 39 news, “when we heard about the news we were actually at home in Jackson. We were home in Jackson for Thanksgiving break, and we were all on this big zoom call together. And we say the name one tribe collective come across the screen oh my gosh, screen erupted there was some tears.”

The Wise children Caleb and Ceylon Jr. humbly stated they are grateful to have a platform that allows them to reach the youth through music. Caleb Wise (Grammy Nominee) stated, “I feel like it’s pretty much just lucky how we got here, because there’s a lot of other musical children’s artist out there, and I think we were just lucky to stand out and get into the album one tribe—and hopefully win a Grammy.”

Through it all the Wiser family expressed the journey is what they most enjoyed. Ceylon Wise Jr. Informed us his favorite memories are fun moments the family will never forget. Ceylon Wise Jr. (Grammy Nominee) informed us, “we were doing would you rather and it was like, would you rather lick your foot or link someone else’s foot and then Caleb said, “oh yeah, have my answer right here and then he licked his foot.”

You can follow the Wiser family journey on YouTube at the Wise Channel and stream “All One Tribe” on all streaming platforms.

Makayla Davis


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