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Jackson Native Falsely Accused of Murder Found Innocent

Jackson, TN.

Billy Moore’s life was changed forever in 2018 when Tavoris Bates was shot and killed outside a home on Middle Avenue in East Jackson. He spent the next 2 years in a jail cell awaiting trial. In September of 2021 the verdict was in, and Billy Moore was found not guilty.

Billy Moore (activist) told 39 News, “when I was thought to be the one that did the killing, I turned myself in. When I turned myself in a lot of evidence started coming out that showed I was not guilty of this offense.”

Moore went through three trials only to be found not guilty on the first two, during the third trial… Billy Moore (activist) stated, “Seven counts. One charge and I got seven counts. They never found the gun, but I got seven-gun charges”

Tracy Boyd a community activist and alternative dispute resolution practitioner stood beside Mr. Moore throughout the trial. They suspect foul play due to an eyewitness they believe was used decoy for the indictment. Tracy Boyd (ADR Practitioner) informed us, “The state used this witness, used Greg Golf to get this indictment, but they didn’t use him during the actual trial.”

Moore gives a reenactment of the events that occurred to further prove his innocence. Billy Moore (activist) “This is a car; this is the truck. Me and Corrion Greer are sitting facing this way. Tavoris is standing in front of his mother’s car shooting this way. How did I shoot him in the back?”

This dispute encompassed Moore’s life for three years, affecting him mentally physically and emotionally Moore says it’s made him more aware than ever. Billy Moore (activist) stated, “It has made me more determined, but more cautious.”

With the injustices many face at the hands of the American legal system, Boyd is asking for one thing.

Tracy Boyd (ADR Practitioner) demanded, “Accountability! When we ask for justice. When we’re saying NO JUSTICE NO PEACE. What we’re saying is we want accountability. If we’re not going to get accountability, baby it ain’t gone be no peace.”

Makayla Davis

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