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Jackson Mayor Scott Conger gives "state of the city" address


Jackson Mayor Scott conger presented “The State of the city” today at the Jackson Rotary Club luncheon.

He reflected on Jacksons yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Mayor Conger said that the last year has felt like ten years and has been a tough one to be mayor, “I think it was tough just to be a human on this earth…things have changed you start to go back to normal then you have a variant then you go back to normal…there’s been a lot of uncertainties, but you look at and see what we’ve done overall as people and as citizens and neighbors.”

Mayor conger shared his Top Ten projects that they were able to accomplish in 2021

1. Updating parks and adding Jackson's first wheelchair swing

2. The largest street repavement project in Jackson

3. The animal care center getting its state certification

4. The plan for a men’s homeless shelter

5. Providing first responders with raises

6. Recovery court: six participants successfully graduate from the recovery court program, and 19 more people are in the program currently

7. Removing the parking minimum to meet the housing demand

8. Finding a tenant for the ballpark

9. The mayor’s youth council introduced the “trash 4 cash” streets clean-up program

10. Fixing over 5600 potholes

Mayor Conger says Covid has taught him to be flexible as he plans for the future,

“Everything that we do now is typed on a computer screen its not etched in stone so, until the dollar is spent or the contract is signed then nothing is final and we still have to be able to constantly reevaluate.”

Mayor Conger wants to see everyone come together to make the city better,

“I’m going to tell you right now 5 to 10 years from now when we look back at Jackson the way it looks today, it’s going to look completely different, and it will look even better if we learn how to celebrate each other’s wins and not be so worried about making the other person look bad.”

Mayor Conger wants 2022 to be the year they finish the animal care center, build a senior care center and the male homeless shelter.

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