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Jackson-Madison County Schools Welcome New High-Tech Safety System

JACKSON, Tenn. - The Jackson-Madison County school system is increasing safety and support through the latest technology with the “WheresTheBus” app.

As the wheels of your child’s school bus go round and round, you can soon use your phone to track where that bus and your child are.

Here’s how the free “WheresTheBus” app works.

Each child is given an I.D. that is scanned when they get on and off the bus.

Parents can then load their child’s assigned power school number into the app to track the bus.

“There’s nothing worse as a parent not knowing where your child is at all times, it’s a scary feeling and it’s why we started our journey and we found this app and fell in love with it and we’re excited about what it’s going to do for us.”

Tim Gilmer is the chief support services officer for Jackson-Madison County schools.

Gilmer ensures if a child does not have his or her I.D., the I.D. number is all that is needed.

“So, parents will be able to download the app, use it, and have a live tracking system on where the bus is, when the bus will arrive, then when the student gets on and scans their card or enters their number, they’ll know exactly when the student gets on the bus, gets off the bus. They’ll know when the student gets to the school and gets home in the afternoon.”

The school district started giving out student I.D. cards to parents today.

Parents can expect to start using this safety system starting Monday.

The people at the Jackson-Madison County school system just hope parents will love “WheresTheBus” app as much as they do.

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