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Jackson-Madison County Schools Expect New Health and Safety Services Soon

JACKSON, Tenn. - The Jackson-Madison County school system met today to discuss important topics, such as health and safety and security, for Jackson-Madison County students.

“I think more access to healthcare for our students is huge, many of them don’t have a primary medical home, so this will be so crucial for their health and wellbeing… and we know healthy kids make better learners.”

Coordinative health director Annette Wilson is looking forward to a health clinic making its return to Jackson-Madison County schools.

The clinic opened in 2009 and had to close during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Now the clinic is ready to reopen by this August for students, faculty, and immediate family members of students.

“We are just so excited to reopen the clinic, it served our students and our families so well for eleven years, so we are ecstatic to bring it back.”

Wilson reports the health clinic accepts different insurances and payment plans to prioritize the health of students. the clinic partners with West Tennessee healthcare.

That is just one thing discussed in the Jackson-Madison County committee meeting.

“We have done active shooter training in all of our schools. we started this in august, back when professional development was going on, and 25... 26 schools take a while to get to all of them, so we completed that in our last pd (professional development) in January.”

Chief support services officer Tim Gilmer believes safety and security is one of the school system’s top priorities.

He reports students and teachers of Jackson-Madison County schools go through active shooter training in case of such emergency.

“And we hate to have to do those things, but in today’s world that we’re living in it’s vital that we do those, and we stay prepared to protect our children and all those that come into our schools.”

39 news will continue to update you as more information about new safety and health services develop.

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