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Jackson Madison County School System started classes today with a mask required protocol

Jackson, TN.

Madison County Schools began classes today with a mask mandate. Most parents seem to be on board with the board’s decision to mask up.

Last week the Jackson Madison County School System signed a joint resolution with the COVID-19 task force that enforces a new mask required protocol starting today. While most parents agree with the mandate… Jimmie Cole (JMCSS Grandparent) stated, “I think it should be mandatory for everyone to wear their mask. Just like it should be mandatory for everyone to get their shots.”

Some parents are not so excited about this decision. Ekaterina hart (JMCSS Parent) informed us, “I don’t like it just because with the kids being so young, I feel like having them wear it all day, it’s too much for them. They’re walking around fidgeting around. Constantly touching. I feel like we’re doing more harm with them wearing it, than not.”

Even though masks are mandatory for Madison County schools. Parents have the option to opt of this mandate with govern bill lee’s executive orders. Lanikai Lewis (JMCSS Parent) stated, “I think it’s a scary thing, but it’s their right to go against it. You know, it’s their opinion on it.”

Makayla Davis

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