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Jackson-Madison County School System Provides Technological Education Sessions for Parents

JACKSON, Tenn. - Jackson-Madison County Schools is promoting technological education for parents.

As classrooms are becoming more technologically involved, the school system knows it can be hard to keep up with all of the new upgrades and additions.

“I think it’s important because sometimes there’s a disconnect between what the students are learning in school and what their level of understanding of technology is versus the parents. Oftentimes the parents are behind, I know with me… I'm a parent, my child can do a lot of things with technology but yet I have to make sure I stay up to date and I have an understanding of it.”

Angela Searcy is not only a Jackson-Madison County Schools parent engagement coordinator, but more importantly a mother.

She knows how it is as a parent to sometimes feel overwhelmed with new technology and wants other parents to also have access to technological education.

“I think it’s just putting the time in, a lot of times we don’t spend time learning and figuring things out and I think that if they’ll do that, and encourage your students… your child, I think they’ll see the results, and it’ll be valuable to support them in the classroom.”

Searcy believes that taking the time to learn how apps and online features are used, and what they are used for, in children’s learning can help stay involved and informed.

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