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Jackson-Madison County School Students Gain Opportunities at Career Fair

JACKSON, Tenn. - The Jackson-Madison County school system believes in providing its students with employment opportunities, that’s why it hosted a career fair at the Oman arena with over twenty school representatives.

“I think it helps us gain a lot of exposure, especially for college applications or if we want coaches to see us… it’s really an exciting event to be at because you get to meet new people and to see different things and different careers and just get an idea for the future.”

Mikayla Cole is a senior at South Side high school, and Ali Kate McDonald is a junior.

Both are student ambassadors, and student athletes.

They are excited to learn what academic and athletic opportunities the career fair has for them.

Both students were chosen by their school principal to represent South Side high school at the career fair.

“I want to thank our principals for having us.”

Arlington Elementary instructional coach and testing coordinator Dianne Ivery believes this career fair is a great way to connect her to students.

“They can get from it the wide variety of things that we do have to offer, the different schools that all level and see that Jackson Madison County is a great system.”

Students were able to connect with school leaders and representatives, and get a head start in career choices.

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