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Jackson-Madison County return to School plan


As summer begins to wind down parents are looking for answers about what school will look like this year. Last night at the Madison school board meeting two big questions regarding return to school were answered.

We have two school options, we have our cyber school and then our in-person learning, so we’re back to our traditional school. Of course, we know we may have to make adjustments but we have two options and that’s in person and cyber school,” says deputy superintendent Dr.Vivian Williams.

The details regarding the return will be nailed down in the coming weeks as superintendent Dr. Marlon king meets with the school's principles. They plan to analyze the approach they took last year and see how it can be improved.

“We are going to discuss what our school normal initiative protocol was last year and see what modification we need to make this year. So right now, you’re going to hear the buzz around what’s going to be the mask requirement. And one of the things that I’ve been sharing with individuals is that masks right now are going to be an optional requirement," says Superintendent Dr.Marlon King.

Dr.King says that they plan on having a frequently asked questions page on their website for the community to learn about the modifications they choose to make to last year's protocols. He says that the protocols should roll out early next week. School is set to begin on August 2nd in Madison county with no mask requirement and a choice of online or in-person learning.

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