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Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department recognizing National Infant Immunization Week

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - This week is National Infant Immunization Week.

Each year, this week highlights the positive impact of vaccination on the lives of infants and children.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Academy of Pediatrics say it is vital that families stay on track for routine check-ups and vaccinations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As in-person learning and play become more common, on-time vaccination is even more urgent to help keep children protected against potentially life-threatening diseases.

The Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department wants to alleviate any apprehension people may have about going to appointments during the pandemic.

“If you are concerned about coming in to go see your primary care provider or concerned about coming to visit here at the health department to get your vaccine, just know that we here at our office and also primary care providers are taking precautions to protect people that are coming in to be seen by a doctor. People are still wearing masks, washing their hands, and staying 6 feet apart. Don’t let that be the barrier between getting your child vaccinated," said Mallory Cooke, the Public Information Office at the Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department.

The awareness week continues until May 1st.

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