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Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department Offers Free Flu Vaccines

JACKSON, Tenn. - Now is the perfect time to get your flu shot. The Jackson-Madison County regional health department plays its part by providing free flu vaccination.

Increasing flu cases in Madison County are concerning the health department, which motivated them to host their special “Fight Flu ‘22 vaccination event”.

The health department makes the shots accessible to everyone by not requiring an appointment or insurance to get their flu shot.

Covid-19 vaccines have also been made accessible at the event.

“This is the time of year when we typically see more flu cases, here in Madison County and then also across the state.”

With eligibility, people can get Covid-19 and flu shot vaccines at the same time.

The centers and disease control and prevention (CDC) recommends everyone six months and older to get a flu vaccine every year.

The flu vaccine is especially important for pregnant women, adults over 50 years old, and people with serious medical conditions.

“The flu is something you should take seriously, especially folks who are at high risk, folks with chronic health conditions, the elderly, small children. those folks are really susceptible to flu related complications, even hospitalization. the flu also kills thousands of people every year.”

“Flu shots are incredibly important. we hope people take it seriously and come in and get their vaccine.”

The health department believes immunization against the flu is the best way to protect yourself, family and friends, and coworkers.

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