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Jackson-Madison county regional health department began offering the Moderna booster shot today

After receiving FDA approval, the third dose of the Moderna vaccine is available in Jackson. The Jackson-Madison county regional health department began offering the third dose of the Moderna vaccine, some of those that received that vaccine were eager to receive a booster shot.

I’ve been waiting for the Moderna approval. And of course, over the weekend that happened and today's the first day, so I said ‘yeah it’s time to go,’” says Tom Mapes.

Others were just as eager to get their booster shot today.

It was the thing to do. I don’t want to catch that bad virus,” says Charles Lindsey.

“Moderna has just been approved and that’s what we got,” Adrienne Lindsey said.

Charles Lindsey said, “I’m 88, it would be foolish not to do it, that’s just the only thing to do.”

“our age, for one thing, we felt like we needed to have that booster,” said Patsy Brockembrough.

“It just makes common sense to me to try and protect yourself and do all that you can for yourself and your loved ones,” Mapes said.

The FDA has now approved the Moderna and Johnson and Johnson covid -19 vaccine booster shots for adults who qualify... Including those over 65.

People who showed up at the health department to get the Moderna booster today say it was quick and easy.

All you had to do was walk in.

“very easy, very efficient. It all went well and smooth," said Ron Brockembrough.

Many left feelings safer after they received their booster shot.

Mapes said, “I feel great, I mean I didn’t have any problems with the first two so I wasn’t concerned about it.”

“a sense of relief, we feel like we’ve done what is recommended,” said Ron Brockembrough

Charles and Adrienne Lindsey said, "It feels good."

Some who got their booster shots offer advice for those that are still on the fence,

Charles and Adrienne Lindsey said, "Get your shots.”

“I would say please do it, you know I’m 80 and I want to live as long as I can and if this will help me live longer, and I think it will, that’s why I had the first two,” said Mapes.

But Mapes believes that each person should make the decision for themselves, "I’ve got my wife she had one from Pfizer earlier and she’s not totally convinced yet that she wants to get the booster shot, so I said ‘well it’s your choice. It’s your decision.’ i think we all should make whatever we think is right for ourselves.”

We will keep you updated on when the health department begins to offer the Johnson and Johnson booster shots.

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