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Jackson Madison County Public Library receives grants to support technology need

Public libraries are known for more than providing a reading space, they house many resources for the community.

But as communities continue to navigate through the pandemic the Jackson Madison County library is trying to expand outside their doors.

“We closed the physical doors, but we opened virtual doors. We added much to our electronic resource offerings, we added a data base for streaming video", says Director of the Jackson Madison County public Library, Dinah Harris.

The library received a C.A.R.Es ACT grant totaling over two thousand dollars and library technology grant that is for more than $5,000.

Senator Ed Jackson and representatives Johnny Shaw and Chris Todd were all present to present the checks.

“Especially for these smaller counties, these rural counties where they don’t have internet service", says Senator Jackson.

More hotspots and Chromebooks are in the plans to purchase with the grants, they also are working on getting more supplies to help keep all the books and surfaces clean in the library.

“Four Chrome Books that people will be able to check out, cause the thought was in the pandemic people were stuck at home without internet, many without a device other than a smartphone" adds Harris.

One of their goals is to make sure they keep technology up to date, because now more aspects of day to day life are moving to virtual platforms.

“Keeping it where people can actually use it at the time we are in right now, so that’s what we are working on now is trying to make sure all the wonderful offerings that library has are accessible to people now", says Harris.

Imani Williams for 39 news, in Jackson.

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