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Jackson-Madison County Bicentennial Committee announces finale weekend events!


The bicentennial year is in full swing! Today the commission announced the exciting conclusion to the festivities!

"Having the commadores in Jackson, TN to celebrate the bicentennial,” Jackson Mayor Scott Conger announced.

The announcement of the bicentennial celebration finale happened today at the ballpark of Jackson

Elaine Christian the chair of the bicentennial commission said, “Well, we had a hard time keeping this under wraps because we're so excited to bring the commodores into this exciting conclusion of the bicentennial year."

LoLo will be the opener for the concert on Saturday August 13th, “It's awesome to be performing for this. I was born and raised here and to be able to be a part of something that is just celebrating the city, celebrating the history and to bring people together,” she said.

But the celebration isn’t just a concert, the weekend is jam packed full of events.

"august the 12th, it will start as a civic center with our 200-voice choir … and then on Saturday, august the 13th, it's a full day, starting with the parade in downtown Jackson, focusing on the bicentennial yesterday, today and tomorrow. Then we have our time capsule that will enter and that will be in bicentennial park downtown,” Christian said.

On Saturday night the Commadores and LoLo will perform. And it all ends with a bang! A fireworks show after the concert.

LoLo believes that the event is good for the community, “I think it's really important to celebrate where we are and how far we've come as a city.”

All of the events are free! Go to ( ( more information.

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