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Jackson is Selected for Third Annual Housing Solutions Lab Peer Cities Network

JACKSON, Tenn. - Jackson has been selected as a city team for the Peer Cities Network, meaning this allows for our city to share our perspective on local housing challenges.

A news release from the city of Jackson reports the Peer Cities Network is an eight-month opportunity.

This allows city leaders from different cities all over the country to interact with peers, policy experts, and housing researchers.

This is a team effort to address pressing local housing challenges.

The selected teams include city and county housing administrators, legislative stakeholders, and non-profit institutional partners. all share a deep understanding of their local housing needs.

Launching this month, the areas of focus for this year’s peer cities network include environmentally sustainable development, mitigating displacement, access to homeownership, and housing planning.

The lab and its partners are providing technical assistance in areas such as data analysis, community engagement, and policy implementation.

39 News will continue to update you as we follow along the third annual Housing Solutions Lab Peer Cities Network.

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