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Jackson is Home to the Second Safe Haven Baby Box in the State of Tennessee

JACKSON, Tn.-As of today, the state of Tennessee has a total of two Safe Haven Baby Boxes. The first box is located in Knoxville and the second one was opened today at City Fire Station #2 in Jackson.

The new baby box was blessed during an official ceremony this morning.

“We want to pray today that God would use this box. It's remarkable to think that where we're standing right now could be the place that a young lady or young man comes back to to say, "this is where my life was, was saved.” said Dr. Adam Dooley, Pastor of Englewood Baptist Church.

Christy Tillman and Janet Compton were the spearheads behind this initiative.

“I just want to say thanks to everybody here in Madison County and the city of Jackson for you guys' support when Christina dreamed this up. We never knew that we were going to get so much support from our coworkers, our friends and family, the local churches that were involved in making this happen for Madison County and the city.” said Janet Compton, Madison County Fire Department.

The creator of the Safe Haven Baby Box explains that these boxes were made to create a safe space for mothers and children.

"Today we're giving parents that opportunity to save the life of their child and to save their own life if they feel that anonymity is what they need. And to the parents that are out there, that are possibly thinking of a safe surrender. We hear you. We see you and we'll walk alongside you. There are options that we can help you with. A parenting plan, an adoption plan." said Monica Kelsey, Safe Haven Baby Box CEO

Today Englewood Pastor Dr. Adam Dooley announced that his church will be funding another Safe Haven Baby Box. It will be installed at Fire station #3. Each box costs around 11,000.

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