Jackson Housing Authority launches new landlord incentive program

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - The Jackson Housing Authority is launching a new program to help increase the number of Section 8 Housing landlords in Madison county.

The incentive program is offering payments to current and prospective owners to lease a new unit to qualified housing choice voucher holders.

The Jackson Housing Authority received the funding through the stimulus bill called the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, also known as the CARES Act.

The executive director at the Jackson housing authority says he is committed to providing affordable housing options and believes this incentive program will benefit both landlords and tenants.

“We look at the number of people that are lower to moderate-income, so we do need the affordable income housing here in Jackson and also we see that there are also people living in sub-standard conditions here in Jackson, Tennessee so we do need more safe, decent, sanitary affordable units here," said Mark Reid, the Executive Director at Jackson Housing Authority.

Owners that lease a new unit to a regular voucher holder will receive $500 dollars. Owners that lease a new unit to a veteran voucher holder will receive $700 dollars.

The incentive payments are available beginning June 1 and will continue until funding is exhausted.

Potential landlords can learn more about the incentive program on June 10th when JHA hosts its informational meeting via Zoom at 4 p.m.

For more details on the Zoom meeting or the incentive program please, visit the Jackson Housing Authority website.

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