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Jackson First Responders Get Pies in Their Faces for A Good Cause

JACKSON, Tenn. - You may wonder why Lifeline Services members are throwing pies in the faces of first responders in Jackson.

It’s all part of a blood drive called “Battle of the badges '' where seven Jackson first responders organizations competed to donate the most blood.

Community risk reduction coordinator Courtney Cook, and Jackson fire department chief Eric Turner accepted the trophy for the most blood collected.

“That was my goal whenever we came to the meeting to actually beat everyone else, because of the fact that they have won in the prior years, and so I’m pretty competitive and I thought, “We have to take the title.”

Even though the fire department did take the title, the chief still got a pie in his face because they didn’t donate as much blood as they hoped to.

The Lifeline center provides blood services to twenty-one West Tennessee counties and fourteen emergency helicopter service locations.

The center collects around 26,000 blood products to meet patients’ needs.

“You know, get our people out there to donate, and it doesn’t need to stop now, because blood is needed year-round. So, we just encourage people to come out all year round to give blood. It’s how we get people better in case of injuries, and different things happen in our community, so we encourage people to give all year round.”

Lifeline blood services also hosts its annual “Holiday Hero” Christmas blood drive. along with its “Holiday Hero” Christmas blood drive.

New this year, Lifeline will be open for its “Spirit of Christmas Eve” blood drive.

Lifeline marketing manager Melinda Reid tells thirty-nine news Lifeline is giving to nonprofits through the December twenty fourth blood drive.

“When you come to donate, you can actually choose from our list of nonprofit partners that have decided to partner with us for the Christmas Eve blood drive.”

Anyone wanting to donate blood at anytime can visit Lifeline Blood Services on Sterling Farms Drive.

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