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Jackson Exchange Club dedicates "Flags of Freedom" field


As you drive down the bypass you can’t miss this field full of 900 US flags all with the purpose of honoring our veterans.

“My heart just beats a little faster every time I drive on the bypass and see all of the flags flying,” says the Chairman of the "Flags of Freedom" Julie Cooke.

The field of flags in front of First Cumberland Presbyterian church is put on every year by the Jackson exchange club. Businesses and individuals can sponsor flags in honor or memory of a loved one.

Vietnam veteran Dan Rodenbaugh went to the field of flags dedication for the third year in a row, “It means a lot…it gives me a chill.”

The field of flags also honors those that protect here in West Tennessee; Law enforcement, firefighters and first responders.

The money from the flag purchased is a fundraiser for the Carl Perkins center for the prevention of child abuse

"The special flags in a separate area for those children that died of child abuse in the last year in a special area every year,” says Cooke.

The flags waving connect with Rodenbaugh on an emotional level, "When those flags wave I think it’s not the wind that’s making them wave it’s the last breath of the veterans that gave their lives for that flag.”

The flags will be up until November 20th.

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