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Jackson Department of Children's Services Receives Proclamation for National Adoption Month

JACKSON, Tenn. - The Jackson Department of Children's Services is receiving a proclamation for National Adoption Month.

National Adoption Day is celebrated nationally every year the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

However, President Joe Biden has selected the month of November National Adoption Month.

This month is dedicated to recognize adoptive and kinship families who have changed children’s lives for the better through adoption.

Kimberly Myrick, an adoptive parent, says, “It means the world that they recognize that we love kids we didn’t necessarily birth, but I wouldn’t love her any differently if I had birthed her. She was mine from the moment she came into my house, so it means a lot.”

This month also dedicates bringing awareness to adoption and children in need of homes.

The Jackson Department of Children’s Services works hard to help children in west Tennessee find homes and families.

Some services they provide are foster care, family preservation, and child protection.

Permanency specialist Yolanda Cole says, “As the department of children’s services, we don’t just remove children, we also reunite families and those who cannot be reunited, we also find forever families for them as well.”

Mayor Scott Conger celebrates national adoption month by announcing a proclamation at city hall.

This proclamation today will continue to bring awareness and to let people know if they are thinking about being a foster parent, so they are able to adopt.”

The purpose of this proclamation is to continue to unite children with adoptive and foster families.

“I wouldn’t trade it for the world, she is the highlight of my life, she is my joy. she has matured me in ways I didn’t know I needed to be matured. she has strengthened my ways in ways I didn’t know needed to be strengthened, so that little girl is my pride and joy," says Myrick.

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