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Jackson City Officials Announce Possible New Industrial Site

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)-

Today the City of Jackson released information about a new industrial site the City of Jackson could be receiving.

The location in question is slightly over 350 acres, the city of Jackson currently owns 115 acres of those acres. This property was bought in 2016, now the city is exploring options of buying and selling the surrounding property Mayor Scott Conger told 39 news, “once all the purchase and sell options are finalized, we’ll have roughly $800,000 and 100n acres for an additional industrial site. Which we then sell and that would give us a net profit of about around nearly $4,ooo,ooo”

The industrial company Georgia Pacific is hoping to use the land already purchased by the city, plus the remaining 231 acres to get rail to the site for the current project and for future projects. Mandy white senior vice president of economic development at the Jackson Chamber says this investment will help small businesses and the Madison County community as a whole stating, “it’s very important to any community to grow. Manufacturing effects the economy more than any other sector. Meaning for every dollar that invested by a manufacturing company, every job that’s created by a manufacturing company three others are created elsewhere.”

While the city is working to seal the deal for the industrial site. Some have questioned plans for the animal care center and Mayor Scott Conger assured us today those plans are still in the works. Mayor Conger informed us, “we’re going to continue building the animal care center. The new building is going to cost more. So, it would be prudent of us to understand the operational cost of the center before we completed the building and moved people in. Without understanding how to budget for that operational cost year in and year out.”

According to city officials more information about the site should be released in the next 120 days.

Makayla Davis

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