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Jackson City Hall Kicks Off Black History Month Celebrations

JACKSON, Tenn.- Today’s performance by the Lane College choir helped kick off Black History Month at city hall.

This Friday’s Black History Month event was introduced with a presentation about Black history and culture.

This year’s theme is “Black Resistance”.

“Right now, down the street in Memphis, we know there’s a lot of turmoil going on in the city, but we have to push through those obstacles. Even in Jackson we have our own struggles… in education… we have struggles with representation and we have to push through those things.”

Wendy Trice Martin is the president of the Society for African American Cultural Awareness.

She hopes events like these can educate the community on Black history.

Martin is working on providing Jackson with a pictorial museum to learn about Black history, it’s called Sarah’s House Inc.

“Because in that house we’re going to house the stories of Jackson, and I felt if my generation didn’t tell the stories, the stories will get lost for future generations to come.”

The presentation ended with a dance performance from Jackson Central Merry high school and a choir performance from Jackson’s historically black college, Lane College.

Martin shares with 39 news what these events and Black History Month mean to her.

“Black history to me is knowledge, because knowledge is power. We know the struggles of our ancestors were very deep, and we have to always remember those struggles.”

Martin encourages you to help start Sarah’s House Inc. by visiting the Sarah’s House Inc. Facebook page for more information and updates.

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