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Jackson Chamber of Commerce hosts Capitol Talk Town Hall meeting

JACKSON, Tenn. (WNBJ) - Today, the Jackson Chamber of Commerce hosted its second Capitol Talk Town Hall meeting featuring two state legislators discussing updates from Nashville. 39 News talked to the two legislators about the key topics discussed during that meeting.

Some topics discussed at the meeting were the possibility of a new Titans football stadium in Nashville and the state budget.

Tennessee State Representative Chris Todd explains his opposition to the construction of a new stadium.

“I do not think it's good for taxpayers to invest in somebody else's property. This is not state property, it’s not a state project, it is simply an investment that hopefully will gain enough sale tax revenue to benefit the state in the long run, but there are about 130 studies that I have that show that it is not the case. It does not pan out,” said Chris Todd, TN State Representative, House District 73.

State Senator Ed Jackson talked about the state’s budget and how it offers more money to be available to first responders.

“There are several other bills that we have passed that effect a lot of people. A lot of it has to do with our volunteer fire departments and our first responders. Stipend and grants that they can get for equipment that they desperately need,” said Ed Jackson, State Senator, District 25 (R).

The outreach director with AARP attended the meeting and talks about how vital it is to go to town hall meetings.

“It is really important for the local businesses, non-profit groups, medical facilities, everyone to attend these types of meetings because you really learn a lot about what’s happening at the capitol level and how it is going to impact your local community,” said Caprice Morgan, the Outreach Director with AARP TN West Division.

Both Senator Ed Jackson and Representative Chris Todd say these town hall meetings are great ways to connect with the people they serve and give updates from the legislative session.

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