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Jackson Chamber of Commerce hosts annual celebration


Today the Jackson chamber of commerce celebrated all the "touchdowns" this year with

it's annual celebration. Every year the chamber recognizes all of the businesses, volunteers and accomplishments in the city.

“If you don’t celebrate your successes a lot of them will go unnoticed sometimes. So yeah, it's very

Important and it allows us we've got a great team, but we don't do this on our own. So

It allows us to recognize our volunteers and businesses that support us," Jackson Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Kyle Spurgeon said.

Spurgeon said that there’s a lot to celebrate this year, "One of the biggest economic successes, obviously and its actually the biggest Investment ever in this communities history is the recent Dixie- Jackson Georgia-Pacific

Project, we’ll talk about that a little bit today; there will be an announcement later this year.

Over 450 business and community leaders gathered for the tailgate-themed celebration.

The chamber handed out several awards, including small business of the year, non-profit of the year, large business of the year, volunteer of the year and ambassador of the year.

Pat Ross member of the chamber Red Coats, won ambassador of the year, "It was unexpected and an honor," she said.

Pat doesn’t take the role of ambassador lightly, "Very important is a way for me to meet new people to come in community and also being in social work as you know being able to tell them a little bit about the business I'm in, which is in the nonprofit sector.”

The chamber leadership says they are excited to continue to celebrate the growth of Jackson.

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