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Jackson Central Merry High School celebrates rising senior class

JACKSON, Tenn. (WNBJ) - One local high school in the hub city will not be having a graduation ceremony this year but wanted to celebrate their current junior class in a special way.

Jackson Central Merry High School hosted its first 'Rising Senior Walk’ Red Carpet event today.

The principal talks about what motivated her to organize the event.

“This is our first senior class, rising senior class since JCM has been closed for five years. To celebrate them and their accomplishments and the message is regardless of what you are going through we are here to support you to graduate from high school and after high school,” said Ramonica Dorsey, the Jackson Central Merry High School Principal.

One of the seniors explains what walking down the red carpet meant to her.

“I think it is a big moment for all of us because we were really unsure how some people were going to make up lost credits from the pandemic or how some people were going to transition moving into our new building. But, I think that makes us feel better about being able to make it to this point. We are so close like it is so close,” said Shelby Morgan, a rising senior.

The class president at JCM says he was happy to celebrate with his peers and thankful to his principal and administrators for organizing the event.

“It was a very emotional event for me because we are celebrating one of the greatest achievements. You know being seniors about to graduate high school next year. It was a very impactful event today,” said Christen Foster, a rising senior.

Alumni members of JCM helped purchase ties and dresses for the rising seniors for their red carpet walk.

87 seniors are expected to be a part of the Jackson Central Merry High School class of 2023.

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