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Jackson celebrates Trey Day as they welcome home Super Bowl Champion Trey Smith!



Family, friends, and fans gathered in the hub city to welcome Super Bowl Champion, Trey Smith!

Smith is a familiar face in Jackson.

“I've known Trey, obviously, since he's a second grader; I've had the opportunity to see him grow up all the way to be a grown man. And he's a better person than he is a football player. Now that ought to tell you something right there," said Trey's Former Coach as the University School of Jackson, Mickey Marley.

After graduating from USJ, Smith went on to play at the University of Tennessee.

Smith was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs and is now a Super Bowl Champion!

“Jackson did a lot for me in my development as a young man and just trying to inspire to youth man and just push him in a proper right direction. That's an important thing. You know, I want to set up Jackson to be a great place because it's a great community that raised me," Trey Smith said.

Trey Smith isn’t the first Jacksonian to win the Lombardi!

He joins Ed "Too Tall" Jones (SB-XII, Cowboys), Trey Teague (SB-XXXIII, Broncos), and Jabari Greer (SB-XLIV, Saints) as NFL players from Jackson to win the Super Bowl Championship!

“We might as well start calling us the city champions now," Smith Said. "Just bringing the hardware back to the city of jackson and letting the city and let this community feel like champions again. It's great. And I know it's a tradition that's just going to keep continuing," He added.

Mayor Scott Conger proclaimed 3/3/23 “Trey day” in the city of Jackson to honor the hub cities very own champion.

But life hasn’t always been easy for Smith. His mom passed away at a young age, and he got blood clots in his legs while playing at the University of Tennessee.

“Adversity is going to hit, man, and at the end of the day, you got to keep pushing through and keep being tough. Everything's not going to be perfect…end of the day, you got to keep trusting god and work it out," Smith said.

Smith and the rest of the Chief's offensive line allowed no sacks in the Super Bowl. And Smith made sure that everyone knew at the parade in Kansas City by wearing a shirt that said "0 sacks."

He said, "the whole week leading up with media, there was always a question of what are we going to do as the offensive line to stop down? How are we going to cope with this? How are we going to do this? This is where this is like no one asks us, what are we going to do? You know, what are they going to do against us when we’re out there?”

Marley said, "I personally believe it's the greatest game that he's ever played and he played his greatest game in the greatest game from a lot of different standpoints of the football technical part of it."

Although Smith spent the day celebrating in his hometown, he says he’s beginning to prepare for next season right away!

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