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Jackson Arts Council and the NED host Bicentennial Mural Painting


The Jackson Arts Council and the NED have found a unique way to celebrate the bicentennial year, by allowing kids to be creative. The organizations have partnered to create the Colors of the Bicentennial; an opportunity for children to create a mural to celebrate the bicentennial year. The mural is on the back of the NED theater.

Tamara waller designed the mural and spoke about her inspiration,

“When I think of Jackson what do I think of? And I went to the union so of course, the bell tower came to mind and then I thought of lane college since it's so close by to the ned, so I kind of just thought about different artists, so like music, buildings, landmarks, people because there are people in Jackson it's important. So just kind of what do I think of when I think of Jackson.”

The outline of the mural was provided but the children were given full creative license when it came to the colors of the mural.

Lizzie Emmons the executive director of the Jackson Arts Council says that this is a unique opportunity for children,

This is just a great way for kids to be able to individually participate themselves and leave a permanent mark on the bicentennial, so this is the two-hundred-year celebration of Jackson-madison county, so what better can we do to celebrate the arts than to create a mural in Jackson."

The painting of the mural continues tomorrow from 3 pm to 5 pm.

And Saturday from 9 am to 12 pm.

The mural reveal will be on Sunday at 3 pm.

Every child that helps to paint the mural will receive a certificate of participation

Memorializing their mark in the creation of the mural and the history of Jackson-madison county.

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