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Jackson Animal Care Center is asking for help with over crowding



The animal care center in Jackson holds 36 dogs- today, they have 52 on site.

“Our capacity is at a critical point and unfortunately stays that way," Whitney Owen the Director of Animal Services said.

One of the reasons is pet overpopulation Owen said, "There are just entirely too many unwanted animals and not enough places to put them.”

The solution? Spay and Neuter your pet.

“If it's something that you feel like you can't afford. Please, please call us. Go. 'Hey, I want a spay and neuter voucher' and it takes about 3 minutes to fill out a form. And we'll hand it to you before you walk out the door," Owen added.

Whitney Owen and the animal care center staff are doing everything they can to take care of all the animals, “We are putting every effort into finding all these animals safe, permanent homes as opposed to just putting them down. If we get if we get full.”

Owen says that today is the perfect time to get involved, “Fosters and adopters are huge, long-term committed fosters. Somebody who's willing to keep a dog for three or four weeks would be massively helpful because it allows us to expand our capacity our holding.”

The Animal Care Center is running adoption specials to try and find homes for all of the dogs.

Call the shelter at (731-422-7028) for more information on fostering or adoption.

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