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It’s Teapot Festival week in Trenton!



It’s the 42nd teapot festival in trenton

The festival celebrates the world's largest collection of porcelain teapots- 500 to be exact.

The week-long celebration is jam-packed with events.

I love it all. I get excited on Sunday afternoon and late last is all week. I love it.," said Betty Poteet of the Trenton Garden Club

Today the Holy Smokes burger lunch, garden sale, and flower contest took place.

People in Trenton say that the Teapot Festival brings them all together,

"We'll just sit back and drink some tea and have a big time and watch the parade and just do the things that makes you happy," said Festival Grand Marshal Bubba Abbott.

“It brings the community together and a lot of socializing going on. You know, you come to say your friends and you talk and it's just a good community service thing," said Poteet.

Trenton Mayor Tony Burriss said, “It's just great for community. And then and we'd love to invite people in to be part of this."

“The community comes together and it's you know, you forget who's who's a you know, a Republican, who's a Democrat, who's a Presbyterian, who's a Methodist, who's anything. It's just the community together," added Vickie Sorrells of the Trenton Garden Club.

The festival inclused fireworks on Friday, a parade and tractor pull on Saturday, and much more!

For the full schedule for the 42nd Teapot Festival follow their Facebook page.

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