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It's Distracted Driving Awareness Month and the Madison County Sheriff's Department is warning drive


April is distracted driver awareness month, during this month we are all asked to be aware a growing danger on our highways: distracted driving.

Madison County Sheriff John Mehr said, “A lot of these accidents that we are working actually would not be happening if people were paying attention to the road.”

Madison County Sheriff John Mehr and his officers know all too well what can happen when drivers do not pay attention behind the wheel.

My own personal experience is a large amount of the wrecks I work. A distraction does play a role in that,” said Sargeant Richard King.

And he says the problem is getting worse, “Distracted driving is a major issue, especially since the invention of the cell phone.”

“Distracted driving has always been an issue since the invention of the automobile distraction can be my in the vehicle with you talking to you using the radio changing radio station,” said King.

People sometimes think distracted driving is only a problem among a certain age group Mehr said, "Lot of times they want to say young people but lots of times it's not just young people. It's older people, too.”

The sheriff and sergeant king have some advice on how to avoid distractions while driving

“Don't pick up the phone if you if you don't have Bluetooth, but you still have to pay attention even if you have Bluetooth on your car because it's distracting,” Mehr said.

King added, "Pull over, address the matter especially if your kids pull over, address it, they can get back on the road. Once that's resolved, phone calls, they can wait for you stop.”

The sheriff's department wants us all to realize that no text or call is worth a life

“It's time to wake up and pay attention and not be distracted and let's save lives,” said the sheriff.

“Think about your loved ones, think about the hardships i would face without you. Think about getting home to them safely every night,” King pleaded

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