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It might be time to have your heating system checked

Humboldt, TN. (WNBJ)-

As it gets colder out that heating unit you have not used all summer long might need some work. The changing weather means heating and cooling companies like Parham in Humboldt are working overtime to fix any kind of issues customers might have. Aaron Michael (Service Manager) told 39 News, “We have the pleasure of going into our customers’ homes and helping service their needs whether HVAC, plumbing, electrical systems. We get to go in and evaluate their systems.”

In the summer months, many of us turn off our heating systems. So after not being used for months, your heater might be due for a check-up. Chris Parham (Owner and General Manager) informed us, “a lot of times after things have been off for about 6 months, there are things that can periodically go wrong. It could be bugs get in there and stop things from working, it could be things are off for so long it needs a little kick start.”

But finding bugs or giving a kick start are not the only issues technicians deal with. Chris Parham (Owner and General Manager) explained that, “On gas heating systems you want to make sure that the heat exchanger, or the carbon monoxide area doesn’t have any cracks or holes in it. You want to make sure it’s safe to operate.”

While some might choose to skip a fall check-up to save some money, checking your heating system now could be a life saver. Chris Parham (Owner and General Manager) stated, “If it does have a crack or hole in it that can allow carbon monoxide in the home which that’s a deadly situation.”

Instead of waiting until a pipe bursts or something else goes wrong, the service manager at Parham recommends.. Aaron Michael (Service Manager) emphasized, “My advice would definitely be, give someone a call. Give Parham a call and help answer some of the unknowns.”

Experts like these guys at Parham say spending some money on preventative maintenance *now * can save you money and prevent a lot of headaches in the colder months ahead,.

Makayla Davis

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