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Inflation impacting people on fixed incomes

JACKSON, Tenn. (WNBJ) - With prices for gas and food going up due to inflation, one group that is suffering the most are people living on a low income or fixed income. 39 News talked to a resident about her struggles and to the Jackson Housing Authority about their efforts to help people in the community.

“You got to take into consideration that gas is going up and food is going up,” said Evelyne Cheairs, a Jackson resident.

Everlyne Cheairs is a Jackson resident living on a fixed income and she talks about how inflation is impacting her.

“A tank of gas now, if I did the running around, I used to do is gone in no time, in two days. You know going from one end of the town to the other and that’s not feasible on my income,” said Cheairs.

Cheairs says she used to be able to go to the library or the park but now she only leaves home when necessary.

The Jackson Housing Authority is working with the non-profit, RIFA to help seniors get food boxes twice a month starting in April.

“With the new program they have called the Staples program, it’s going to really help at this time to lessen the load on our seniors. They are going to be doing two of our sites with food and veggies. With the increase of gas and food, RIFA is coming at an important time right now to help them be able to stabilize during this inflationary period,” said Mark Reid, the Executive Director at the Jackson Housing Authority.

The Jackson Housing Authority also wants to address the need for more affordable housing.

“If inflation keeps rising and doesn’t taper off soon and start going the other direction you are going to start seeing people losing their homes. Then, they are going to start looking for affordable housing,” said Reid.

Reid says they need more landlords to be able to provide more affordable housing.

“What we are appealing to the community for is landlords. If you own homes or mobile homes that you are willing to come in and participate with the Section 8 program, the Housing Choice Voucher program. We ask you to come and learn about the program,” said Reid.

If you would like to learn more about the Housing Choice Voucher program, you are urged to call 731 – 422 -1671 ext. 103.

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