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Inflation hitting nonprofit organizations in Jackson

JACKSON, Tenn. (WNBJ) - Inflation hits a 40-year high, accelerating 7.9 percent in February compared to last year.

Higher prices are being seen in groceries, rent, and gas. In the hub city, 39 News talked to some non-profits about how they are dealing with these price hikes.

“We are receiving more phone calls for emergency assistance so whether that be for food or any other type of support. We are monitoring these things,” said Lt. Mark Cancia, the Commanding Officer with the Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army is one non-profit in the hub city seeing an uptick in people coming in and seeking help with groceries and utilities.

“We are able to provide a food bag. Our goal is to make sure that a family is able to enjoy at least three meals from the bags we give them. So, our food pantry is available, and it is still very active,” said Cancia.

Comeunity Café is another non-profit dealing with inflation and the head chef there says inflation is causing panic buying, which is a problem for the café.

“It makes locating things that a non-profit restaurant needs a bit more difficult than it should be,” said Austin Brown, the head chef at Comeunity Café.

The head chef at the café believes prices will continue to rise but believes donations from the community will still flow in to help with operations.

“Everybody feels rising costs regardless of where it’s at or what you are buying. As long as the community can keep supporting the cafe as they have, we will still be able to be around, keep our doors open and feed people,” said Brown.

Both non-profits say they will continue to serve the community through this challenging time.

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