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Individuals, businesses and organizations honored for their work at Mayor's Civic Pride Awards


The Mayor's Civic Pride Awards celebrate the beautiful landscaping and taking good care of your property.

“Beautification is kind of contagious. and so what we want to promote is civic pride, pride in your properties whether it's commercial or residential and pride in environmental stewardship," said Keep Jackson Beautiful Cordinator Robin Chance.

At the 32nd Mayors Civic Pride Awards five individuals were honored from five areas within the city (South, East, West, Northeast, Northwest).

The criteria the master gardeners use to judge are

-the exterior of the building


-Lawn care

-Neighborhood comparison

-And overall appearance

Clifford Martin Junior and his son Clifford Martin the third were one of the winners of the east

“Inside or outside showing that you care about what you got. you know, people have stuff and do not care about it. It falls by the wayside. Whatever you have take care of it. I was raised that way.”

“When you have pride about where you are from, we live here. proud of yourself. goes a long way…you know, when you walk down a neighborhood drive down a neighborhood and it looks nice, you feel good because this is our city and feel good about yourself.”

Awards were also given to commercial and educational institutions and organizations were awarded for their environmental stewardship.

Robin Chance says recognizing the good work that citizens and organizations are doing goes a long way, "Giving back to our community in different ways, this leads to better tourism, you know, more residents moving to Jackson, more economical growth so I think it gives people gratification and pride in that, that people notice what they're doing.”

Winners were given a gift cards courtesy of Four Seasons to continue to take care of their property.

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