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Independence Day weekend travel


Planning to travel for independence day weekend? You’ll be joined by millions of Americans this year. Last year we saw very few Americans traveling on Independence Day weekend due to the pandemic, but this year things are expected to be much different.

Near-record traffic is expected for the upcoming fourth of July holiday weekend, according to a recent study.

Between today and Monday, AAA currently estimates 939,000 motorists will travel on Tennessee's highways.

In total, 47.7 million Americans are expected to hit the road. That's an increase of 40% compared with July 4, 2020 -- which came amid the pandemic.

“This is the highest that we’ve seen on record, so this is higher than twenty-nineteen. The reasoning for that is that for most travelers traveling by car, especially their own vehicle provides more comfort for them as they travel, there’s a lot that they can control in that scenario,” says Megan Cooper of AAA.

Some Americas will choose to fly but the vast majority of independence day travel will be by car, about 91% according to AAA.

For car travel, the worst times to leave are:

Friday from 4-5 pm

Saturday from 11 am to 1 pm

Sunday there is no expected worst time

And Monday from 4-5 pm

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