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Hunters gear up for gun Deer season starting tomorrow



Every year the Saturday before Thanksgiving the woods are packed with gun hunters looking for deer- this year is no exception! Hunters are gearing up for another gun Deer hunting season beginning tomorrow.

“I don't have long-range shooting. I tend to use a classic 3030 with iron sights. Most of the Deer I take down are within a hundred yards and I'm pretty much hunt for meat. I'm not a big trophy hunter," said hunter Steven Clark.

Clark hopes that getting a Deer this year will help ease the pain from inflation at the grocery store, "The average mature doe has about 100 pounds of meat on her and a good 40 to 50 of that is normally ground. So you can use that for everything from spaghetti, tacos, whatever you want. You know, you normally use red meat, you can use Deer.”

The state limits each hunter to two antlered bucks each season. No more than one antlered deer may be taken on one day.

When it comes to antlerless Deer, there is a limit of three per day in west Tennessee with no season limit.

Along with regular guns, sportsmen are also allowed to use muzzleloaders or archery equipment.

Hunters can get more information about license requirements and other rules at

Gun Deer hunting season continues until January 13, and hunters like Steven Clark, hope to take advantage of every possible moment, “It's going to be just about every cold weekend while I'm not too busy.”

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