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Humboldt receives Downtown Improvement Grant

Jackson. TN. (WNBJ)-

Humboldt is one of four west Tennessee cities receiving a downtown improvement grant from the state.

Money is also going to Alamo, Paris, and Trenton. Humboldt's mayor hopes his city's grant is just the beginning of infrastructure improvements here.

Marvin Sikes (Humboldt City Mayor) stated, “Our chamber has got a hundred- and fifty-thousand-dollar grant for building facades that’s about to be handed out. It’s just a part of that planting positive seeds.”

The Mayor says when those positive seeds are planted the fruits of that labor go a long way in helping the community. Businesses in town are thrilled with the improvement plans: Scotty Keena (Kandy Bank Owner) informed 39 News, “It’s definitely going to increase traffic and give more incentive to visit and patronize downtown businesses and facilities. The more traffic the more chances we have for grand revenue, which is a good thing.”

Humboldt library has its own expansion project going on. Being in the heart of downtown, the library director is excited to see the city also planning improvements. John Blankenship (Humboldt Library Director) explained,

“it’s going to give a space downtown for all groups and all ages to gather. Of course, our carnival during the strawberry festival is in this area too. That’s going to add another coverage space and venue for activities.”

Makayla Davis

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