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Humboldt Police investigate shooting at high school

HUMBOLDT, TN (WNBJ) - What was supposed to be a fun night for a basketball game turned deadly after shots rang out Tuesday night in Humboldt.

Classes are not in session here at Humboldt High School following a shooting last night at a basketball game. The police department is still investigating the events that led up to the shooters.

Police say at least one person was shot and killed and another person was airlifted to a nearby hospital for treatment.

One resident with kids in that school system was shocked to hear the news.

“It makes you worry. It’s a simple as a basketball game and it evolves into violence. It should be a safe environment for your kids to go to,” said Christine Johnson, a Humboldt resident.

One restaurant owner comments on the violence in the community.

“This type of stuff people don’t get over. I know we wake up and read the news. We hear about sadness every day, but we still go on about our day. It is some people that lost their lives last night over something senseless. Something that could have been solved with a conversation,” said Timothy Mosby, owner of Mosby's Diner.

39 News has not received any word on that person’s condition who was airlifted to the hospital. Police have not determined a motive in the shooting.

39 News will update you on-air and online as more details become available.

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