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Humboldt City Schools invests in new cleaning system to combat COVID-19

Once a week, before the kids come to school and after they leave, maintenance custodian Charles Broyles comes in to sanitize the hallways and classrooms. Broyles says their new bleach-free Clorox 360 system makes cleaning easier.

“Oh yes because before we purchased this, you had to do it with a hand pump,” said Broyles.

Humboldt City Schools has three institutions and Broyles clean thoroughly cleans every building.

“Our new sanitation system is amazing. the custodians work very to make sure our students are safe, to make sure everything is sanitized. we’re just so fortunate to have the system.”

The pluggable machine with an advanced nozzle to ensure all targeted sides are clean. the $4000 investment cuts the sanitation process in half. Deep cleaning would usually take four hours but now, it takes two hours. however, there is a prepping process.

“We first go through and hand disinfect everything and come back with the machine,” Broyles.

Since classes resumed this fall, none of the custodians have been out sick and within the last month, only two students tested positive for covid-19.

Dr. Tiffany Purnell, Stigall’s principal credits the cleaning tool for the low number of cases through their school system.

“In order to contain covid, you have to make sure everything is sanitized on a regular basis, you have to be consistent. and that’s what we do. that machine helps us be consistent.”

The Clorox-360 system was bought using funding from the CARES ACT.

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